"TAMIYA Masterwork Collection" Finished Model, Battle Ship

1/350 Ship "Japanese Yamato Battleship" (Finished Model)

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TAMIYA Masterwork Collection No.9

Tamiya presents the Japanese Battleship Yamato as the second 1/350 scale battleship released in the Masterwork Collection Series. This fully completed model features metal and photo etched parts and intricate detailing only attainable by Tamiyafs master craftsmen. A must have for any WWII or battleship fan.

1/350 Ship "U.S. Battleship Missouri" (Finished Model)

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TAMIYA Masterwork Collection No.13
The Return of "Mighty Mo"
The Iowa class battleships were the largest and final great battleships of the US Navy. Of the 4 completed, the BB-63 Missouri remains today the most historically significant. Commissioned in 1944, the USS Missouri, or "Mighty Mo", boasted an amazing output of 212,000hp.

1/700 Ship "Japanese Aircraft Carrier Shinano" (Finished Model)

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TAMIYA Masterwork Collection No.41

Japan's Monster WWII Aircraft Carrier
One of the largest carriers of WWII, Shinano was originally planned to be the third installment of Yamato class battleships. The construction of this monstrous vessel was started soon after the Japanese defeat at Midway and was completed on Nov. 19, 1944.