Woody JOE / I-400-class Submarine

Woody JOE reproduces I-400-class Submarines  with a wooden kit.
A submarine maximum during World War II.
It can be equipped with three fighter "seiran" and commonly is called the diving aviation carrier.
A huge submarine of 122m in total length.


1/144 Scale "Japanese I-400-class Submarine"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE Wooden Submarine Model

About the Japanese I-400-class Submarine
The maximum of the submarine during the Second World War.
Of three aircraft special attack aircraft is can be mounted, it is popularly known also diving aircraft carrier.
Total length 122m, water drainage amount of 6560t. Nonstop cruising distance of one lap and a half navigable the earth.
US military officers are still a story that was astonished to its size.
After investigation by the US Army, it was destroyed by a torpedo off the coast of Hawaii.
Then, it was discovered in Oahu southwest of the seabed in August 2013 by the American investigation.

Drainage basis 3,530 tons underwater 6560 t
Total length 122m
Full width 12m
Cruising distance 37500 nautical miles
Crew 157 people

1/144 Scale "Aichi M6A Seiran - Submarine-launched dive / torpedo bomber"

Woody JOE
Woody JOE - Water bomber Model