TAMIYA "Vought F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair" 1/72 Scale War Bird Collection

Painting and Markings
Main Colors: AS-8 Navy Blue, AS-19 Intermediate Blue, AS-20 Insignia White


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TAMIYA War Bird Collection No.74

About the Vought F4U-1 Bird Cage Corsair
In 1938, the U.S. Navy issued a call for a new high-speed and high-altitude capable single-seat carrier based fighter plane to replace the Grumman F2F/F3F biplane.

The Vought aircraft company rose to the challenge with their F4U Corsair, which mounted a massive 2,000hp engine and was fitted with the largest propeller yet used on a fighter. It was instantly recognizable for its inverted gull wings, which were designed to enable short and sturdy landing gears, while still providing enough clearance for the propeller. The F4U was the first U.S. fighter to exceed 400mph (644km/h) in level flight and was one of the most successful American planes introduced during WWII. The first production model F4U-1 was nicknamed ?Bird Cage? for its frame-like cockpit canopy, and was deployed to U.S. Navy and Marine Corps squadrons in the Pacific as a land and carrier based fighter.

About the Model
*1/72 scale assembly model kit of the Vought F4U-1 Bird Cage Corsair.
*Kit represents first production model F4U-1, including intricate detailing of the frame-like cockpit canopy that earned this plane the nickname, Bird Cage.
*New parts depict canopy, propeller, short tail wheel and wing trailing flap without access step.
*High quality Cartograf decals for 4 different markings of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps planes, including aircraft from the well-known VMF-214 Black Sheep and VF-17 Jolly Rogers squadrons.

Manufacturer : TAMIYA
Scale : 1/72
Package size 290x190x55mm
Size after completion 141mm
Weight 200g