"Himeji Castle" Japanes Castle Model

kobayashi Kougei
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1/100 Scale "Himeji Castle" Wooden Japanes Castle Model, by Kobayashi Kougei

Reservation production product
This product needs from two weeks to two months for shipment completion.

National Treasures Himeji Castle started building the castle in 1601 and it was completed nine years later.
A beautiful castle resembling a form of Shirasagi flying is also called Shirasagi castle under a different name. Registered as World Cultural Heritage in 1993. Its appearance is beautiful, it is also known as a great castle with excellent military.

The highest peak of Japanese castle model.
When you open the box, there are a lot of parts, and it is fine and delicate parts as well.
" Can you assemble to the end? "  This product will speak to you.

Scale: 1/100
Package size: 834x489x172mm
Width: 770mm
Height: 500mm