"Horyu-ji Temple / Goju-no-To"

kobayashi Kougei
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1/70 Scale "Horyu-ji Temple / Goju-no-To" Wooden Japanese Temple Model, by Kobayashi Kougei

Reservation production product
Attention: This product needs from two weeks to two months for shipment completion.

The five castle towers that make up the five-storied pagoda represent ground, water, fire, wind, sky from below. Each of the five layers shows its own world (thought), which represents a Buddhist cosmic view.Horyuji Temple Five-storied pagoda which is the oldest wooden building in the world
It is founded in 607 AD. The tower rising above the sky is beautiful and powerful.

Main material: Hinoki
Wooden parts count: 157 kinds, 1,151 pieces
Metal: soft metal, copper, others
Number of metal parts: 21 kinds, 156 pieces
(79 soft metal parts: copper etching parts: 2 types, 76 pieces)
Approximate hours of hands-on time 50 hours

Scale: 1/70
Package size:
Width: 212mm
Height: 505mm