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1/70 Scale Wooden Japanese Temple Model

Reservation production product
This product needs from two weeks to two months for shipment completion.

Main material: Hinoki
Wooden parts count: 157 kinds, 1,151 pieces
Metal: soft metal, copper, others
Number of metal parts: 21 kinds, 156 pieces
(79 soft metal parts: copper etching parts: 2 types, 76 pieces)
Approximate hours of hands-on time 50 hours

About the Horyu-ji Temple-Goju-no-To ( Five-Story Pagoda )
It is said that Horyu-ji Temple is the one made in 607 years. 
Horyu-ji Temple Five-Storied Pagoda is built with 'Japanese cypress' that is wood that has about 1300 and long histories, and represents Japan.  It is the oldest wooden architecture in the world registered in the world cultural heritage for the first time in Japan in 1993.

Scale: 1/70
Package size:
Width: 212mm
Height: 505mm