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1/75 Scale "KAIRIN MARU" Wooden Sailing Ship Model, by Woody JOE

The sailing boat which navigated the Pacific for the first time in Japan.
A sailing ship where Japan in the Samurai period ordered shipbuilding in the Netherlands. The sailboat was a screw-propelled mower ship equipped with a steam engine on a wooden hull.
It is a historical sailing ship heading to San Francisco with the exchange agreement of exchange between Japan and the US Treaty of Trade Treaty in 1860.

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Ship Model Building News for Clare Hess

*Warship calendar, start of work 1856. Placement on duty 1857. Military retirement 1871.
*Total displacement, 620t
*Full length. 48.8m
*Overall width, 8.74m
*Power, the sail of three masts. Steam engine of 100HP
*Maximum velocity, 6 knots (10km/h)
*A weapon, 12 cannon gates

About the Model
*Improvement version (laser beam machining part use)
*Time until completing: For about 150 hours
*Sail is attached to the product.

Manufacturer Woody JOE
Scale 1/75
Package size
Length 820mm
Width 203mm
Height 487mm
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