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TAMIYA 1/48 Aircraft Series No.22

About the F-16 Combat Fighter
This is the new lightweight fighter produced for the USAF. Built by General Dynamics, the prototype YF-16 was completed in Dec. 73 and flew on Jan. 20, 1974. It was chosen in competition with the Northrop P-600, as winner of the Lightweight Fighter Prototype Program.

The aim was to design an effective but simple air superiority fighter, within strict low price limitations, which could be built quickly in very large numbers. Advanced technology and planning has resulted in a small machine, structured to allow further development not affecting the basic design. The 'flaperons', tailplanes, ventral fins, undercarriage legs, etc., can be interchanged from side to side. The undercarriage retracts into the fuselage, leaving the wings thin, uncluttered, and easy to change. The Pilot seats forward in a 30 degree inclined "High G" ejector seat, placed to give optimum all round vision. An advanced control system eliminates conventional mechanical linkage in favor of electric servo controls. Engine is the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW of 19,000 lb thrust (27,000 lb with afterburner) and top speed exceeds Mach 2. Empty weight 12,000 lb-; gross weight 16,500 lb ; take-off weight (fighter) 17,500 lb, (close-support) 27,000 lb maximum ; span 30 ft, length 46 1/2 ft, height 16 1/4 ft. Armament is a 20mm M61A1 rotary cannon with 500 rounds positioned on the port side of the cockpit, alternatives are infrared missile points and two hardpoints under each wing for droptanks, rocket pods or bombs.