TAMIYA "Japanese Submarine I-58 Late Version" 1/700 Scale Water Line Series

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TAMIYA Water Line Series No.435
About the Japanese Submarine I-58 Late Version
The I-58 was laid down in Yokosuka Navy Yard in September 1944. The vessel carried a Type 0 small reconnaissance seaplane E-14 (Glen) and a catapult to launch it.

The primary weaponry of the I-58 consisted of six torpedo tubes, three on each side of the bow. It also served as the mother ship for the Kaiten human torpedoes. On the night of July 30th 1945, it attacked the U.S. Navy heavy cruiser Indianapolis with a salvo of six regular torpedoes. Two of those struck the cruiser and she sunk about fifteen minutes later.

About the model
*Overall length: 156mm, Overall width: 13mm *Painstakingly reproduced parts such as bridge, radar, 25mm machine gun, 6 Kaiten human torpedoes. Periscope can be modeled in either up or down position. *Precisely replicates details of the edges and nonslip treatments on deck. *Includes decals for vessel number, etc. 

Manufacturer : TAMIYA
Scale : 1/700
Package size 220x100x30mm
Size after completion
Weight 60g