TAMIYA "Russian Tank T34/76 Model 1941 (Cast Turret)" 1/48 Scale Military Miniature Vehicle Series

Paints used: TS-2 (XF-61) Dark Green

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TAMIYA Military Miniature Vehicle Series No.15
About the Russian Tank T34/76 Model 1941 (Cast Turret)
Introduced in 1940, the Russian T34 was designed for high production levels, featuring a very simplified structure. Powered by a highly fuel efficient 500hp V-2 12-cylinder diesel engine, and fitted with Christie type suspension, the T34 boasted efficiency and mobility.

The T34/76 was mounted with a monstrous 76.2mm gun, and used innovative sloped armor. Featuring the perfect balance of superior defense, mobility, striking power, maintenance and mass production, the T34 is widely regarded as the best all-round tank of WWII. The 1941 T34/76 featured distinctive cast turret and hand rails for the crew on the hull and turret. Widely deployed in the 1943 Battle of Kursk, the T34/76 spearheaded a hard-fought counter attack against German Tiger I and Panther tanks.

A 3rd Nationality to our Growing Tank Lineup
A WWII tank collection just wouldn't be complete without a Russian tank, and what better Russian tank than the T34, highly regarded as the finest all-round tank of WWII. Line this highly detailed T34/76 tank next to the German Tiger I and U.S. Sherman and get a true sense of WWII battlefield action.

Die-cast Lower Hull Adds Weight and Realism
Like other tanks featured in this fantastic series, the T34/76 also features a die-cast lower hull. The added heaviness ensures that even this compact 138mm model features solid, realistic weight. The suspension arms are also molded as a single piece to provide extra strength and stability. For an easy finish, the die-cast lower hull even comes pre-coated.

About the Model
High quality 1/48 scale assembly model of the cast turret 1941 Russian T34/76
*Compact 138mm size with all details such as sloped armor accurately rendered
*Fine detailing includes rough finish turret, rear engine grille and rivets, and spare tracks.
*Die-cast lower hull for added weight and realism
*Assembly type tracks, with straight upper and lower tracks made of single pieces
*Accessories include spare tracks, glouser for snow operations and ammo boxes.
*Comes with 4 different sets of markings

Manufacturer : TAMIYA
Scale : 1/48
Package size 290x190x55mm
Size after completion
Weight 350g