TAMIYA "German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production" 1/48 Scale Military Miniature Vehicle Series

StuG.Abt. 1708, 708. Volks Grenadier Division, France 1944

Paints used: TS-3 (XF-60) Dark Yellow; TS-2 (XF-61) Dark Green; TS-1 (XF-64) Red Brown
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TAMIYA Military Miniature Vehicle Series No.11
About the Mid Production Hetzer
Surrounded by slanted armor on all four sides, the Hetzer featured a compact and low style for an aggressive design. Manned by a crew of 4, the Hetzer featured a 75mm L/48 gun in fixed mounting. Development time was minimized by using components from the Czech 38(t), and over 2,800 models were produced in all from April 1944 to the end of WWII.

Serving as the main tank destroyer for the later half of WWII, the Hetzer was seen on both eastern and western fronts.

Aggressive Appearance Perfectly Reproduced!
Tamiya's hugely popular 1/48 MM series, featuring high quality palm sized models displaying exceptional detail and accuracy gets a new recruit, the German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production. The dynamic silhouette of the Hetzer has been accurately replicated in this highly detailed 1/48 scale model. Die-cast lower hull adds extra weight for enhanced realism, and straight upper and lower tracks made of a single piece assist assembly.

Die-cast Lower Hull Adds Weight and Realism
Like other tanks featured in this fantastic series, the Mid Production Hetzer also features a die-cast lower hull. The added heaviness ensures that even this compact 1/48 scale model features solid, realistic weight. The suspension arms are molded as a single piece to provide strength and stability. For an easy finish, the die-cast lower hull even comes pre-coated.

About the Model
High quality 1/48 scale assembly model of the German Tank Destroyer Hetzer Mid Production
*All unique aspects of mid production Hetzer rendered including lightweight armor and early production tracks.
*Features die-cast lower hull for added weight and realism
*Assembly type tracks, with straight upper and lower tracks made of single pieces
*Comes with decals for 3 different markings

Manufacturer : TAMIYA
Scale : 1/48
Package size 290x190x50mm
Size after completion
Weight 300g