Woody JOE

1/50 Scale "Ishiyamadera Temple-Tahoutou"

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Woody JOE - Wooden Japanese Temple Model
About the Ishiyamadera-Tahoutou
National treasure specification of Japan. It is known as a tower of the oldest and beauty, and it exists in the west shore in Biwako. It is told that it was built with the Minamototano yoritomo in 1194.
About the model
*Complex impossible round Toushin was splendidly reproduced in a past processing method by the latest laser technology.
*61 kind of wooden parts 376 pieces .  31 kind of laser parts 241 pieces .  14 kind of metallic parts 31 pieces . 648 numbers of total parts.
*The production reference time: For about 50 hours
Manufacturer : WoodyJOE
Scale : 1/50
Package size 515x320x110mm
Overall height 375mm
Overall width 310mm
Weight 2800g