Woody JOE

1/80 Scale "NIPPON MARU"

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Woody JOE - Wooden Sailing Ship Model
"NIPPON MARU 2 generation" is born as NIPPON MARU becomes superannuated in 1984.This model is a kit to be made based on the drawing of a real ship, and to receive a complete supervision of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd., and even for commercialization to require three years.

About the Model
Products use a high-precision laser processing wooden parts.
The product parts of using a metal etching and soft metal.
It is a precision model of sailing state. Hull reproduce the undistorted stable shape in the box structure.

*Improvement version (laser beam machining part use)
*Time until completing: For about 500 hours

Manufacturer : WoodyJOE
Scale : 1/80
Package size 1105x345x130mm
Length 1390mm
Width 319mm
Height 752mm
Weight 7800g