Woody JOE

1/75 Scale "Kohfukuj Goju-no-To"

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Woody JOE - Wooden Japanese Temple Model

About the Kofuku-ji Temple
It registers in the UNESCO world cultural heritage. National treasure specification. Symbol of Old Town Nara and representative construction in Muromachi age. It disappears due to a fire of war disturbances though Kofuku-ji Temple was built in 710 years.
In existence Five-Storied Pagoda was constructed in 1426. It is a high tower in the second opportunity.  To-ji Temple in Kyoto

About the model
Polite part processing with the hand of a state-of-the-art technology and the workman with a laser sculpture machine . I invent the precise model assembled easily in the high quality.
Moreover, a natural color of the tree expresses a graceful, elegant tower.

*Wooden parts: 105 kinds and 3,480 pieces
*Laser beam machining parts: 23 kinds and 23 pieces
*Metal part: 13 kinds and 35 pieces
*Total parts: 3,538 pieces

*The production reference time: For about 180 hours

Manufacturer : WoodyJOE
Scale : 1/75
Package size 770‚˜370‚˜100mm
Width 343mm
Height 705mm
Weight 5200g