Attention when shopping site is used

For payment method
The commodity price is paid easily and safely on the site of PayPal.
Without the PayPal account, customer's credit card can be used.
About tariff
For amount of payout
*When luggage arrives, it might cost the tariff etc. I will assume the load of the customer the cost that hangs for the customs entry. The customs entry is different according to the country of the sending out destination. Please ask the customhouse in customer's country details.
For stock status
For stock status
The stock changes at any time by the customer's order.
The commodity ordered for that might become a out of stock. In that case, it takes sending out time.
We will inform of the shipment time with e-mail when it takes time for my delivery.
For delivery region
For delivery region
It is not possible to deliver it according to the country and the region.
Please see the regional transportation handling list.
Details are Regional transportation handling list

For delivery trader
The delivery becomes handling of the Postal Service in Japan.
The delivery trader from the customer cannot be specified.
For Link

For Link
This shop can do freely in the link. I prepare the homepage title and the shop logo.

Answer to question
Answer to question
Question from the link below please. Response may take time.
For cancellation

Returns and cancellations can not be accepted except for baggage damage. Please note that you acknowledge it.

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