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TAMIYA - Sports Car Series No.193

About the avex Dome Mugen NSX
The Japanese GT Car Championship were inaugurated in 1993, and are becoming more popular with motorsports buffs throughout Japan.
The avex Dome Mugen NSX, developed from Honda NSX, was entered by "mugen + Dome Project" for the 1997 season. It was developed and tuned by Dome Racing, which has built unparalelled esteem in Japan for producing high performance racing cars. The original monocoque made of aluminum was reinforced by roll cage, and most parts of the body shell, such as front hood, fenders and doors were replaced by ones made of carbon fiber. The distinctive silhouette with unique front spoiler, "Canard" wings, side skirts and large rear spoiler were the result of extensive wind tunnel testing. Additional air intakes/outlets and oversized fenders added even sophisticated appeal. The transversely and amidships mounted, 6-cylinder 3,450cm3 powerplant was developed by Mugen to yield over 450 horsepower without turbo charger. Four wheel double wishbone suspension was equipped with A arms and horizontally mounted shock absorbers activated by pushrods.

During the 1997 season, the NSX competed the JGTC under sponsorship of avex, a large music distributor in Japan. Painted in a overall blue color scheme with unique markings, the avex Dome Mugen NSX fully displayed its outstanding performance to the Japanese motorsports fans throughout the season.