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1/12 Scale Motorcycle Series No.71

About the Repsol Honda NSR 500 '98
Motorcycle 500cc class championships is known as F1 Grand Prix in the motorcycle race. The machine has only 500cc engine, however it produces about 200 horsepower. It's possible to make the light weight machine, just 130kg speed up to over 300km/h by this high power engine. Honda works racing machine, REPSOL HONDA NSR500 with Michael Doohan has been champion machine since 1994.
Especially in 1997, Michael won the race 12 times, 2 times by Alex Criville and 1 time by Tadayuki Okada. Thus these three riders riding Honda NSR500 won all championships out of 15 races. 2 cycle V-4 cylinder engine with crankcase lead-valve which has 112-degree angle brings its ability into full play. NSR500 showed off its high power in the races, no opponent machine could overtake NSR500 on especially the straight course. Then it might be said that this special machine had variable-explosion-timing system of its engine to be more controllable for each rider. Furthermore equipments such as the radiator which was separated into the upper lower sides and the air-intake which made us of the wind pressure were placed near to the engine. A sturdy aluminum twin-tube frame wraps this high technology power source. The engine was modified into a special version because there was a regulation which was the use of unleaded gasoline in 1998. Tadayuki gained the second prize at the opening race, Michael won the second race and Alex won the third race in 1998. Thus REPSOL HONDA NSR500 showed off its high potential from the beginning.