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TAMIYA Military Miniature Collection No.24

About the British Sherman IC Firefly
As Britain struggled to develop tanks capable of equaling the superior German Panzers, the decision was made to convert existing stocks of M4 Sherman tanks, delivered to the UK as part of the Lend-Lease Act. The so-called Sherman Firefly featured a long-barreled 17 pdr. anti-tank gun, which was much more effective than the original 75mm gun, capable of penetrating a Tiger I's frontal armor at over 1,000 meters using regular ammunition.

The majority of Fireflies were adapted from M4A4 tanks, designated Sherman V by the British, while some were made using the earlier M4, or Sherman I in British usage. Vehicles rearmed with a 17 pdr. gun were given the suffix C, with the resulting units being Sherman VC and Sherman IC.

About the Model
  • Professionally finished model of the British Sherman IC Firefly, pre-painted with markings pre-applied.
  • Overall dark green paint scheme is expertly weathered for a life-like display.
  • Unique markings depict a Sherman IC belonging to 2nd Company, 1st Regiment, 2nd Polish Armored Division and distinguishes this finished model from the assembly kit version.
  • Different road wheels further distinguish it from the assembly kit version.
  • Die-cast chassis provides a sense of volume for enhanced realism.
  • Includes special numbered display base with nameplate to make this a great collectible.