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TAMIYA Elecraft Series

Experience Wind Power First-Hand
This new innovative Elecraft Series product enables you to experience the inner mechanisms of a wind power generator. This green energy source has been given greater emphasis in recent years as the world seeks cleaner energy sources, and the loopwing design is one of the newest developments in this field.

The loopwing can generate electricity even in weak wind conditions, and this set includes parts for a rechargeable car. This car can run for 1-2 minutes after a 5-10 minute charge, letting you see the results of wind power converted electricity right before your eyes.

Loopwing Movie
Shows rechargeable car being connected, Loopwing rotation and power generation, and finally the car running on the electricity generated by the Loopwing.

About the Model
*Special "loop wing" design secures high efficiency in power generation, by ensuring that even a minimum amount of wind will produce quick rotation of windmill.
*2 types of gears allow choice of double gear for light wind, and triple gear for stong wind, improving power generated by motor depending on wind strength.
*Base doubles as handle allowing you to run while holding windmill to generate power
*Low-friction connectors to ensure smooth rotation by wind & efficient power generation