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1/6 Scale Big Scale Motorcycle Series No.8

After their success with the R75/5, world-renowned automobile and motorcycle maker BMW sensationally announced its replacement, the R90S, in 1973. BMW's signature air-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine received a boost in displacement to 898cc and stopping power was also improved with a front twin disc brake system.

A semi-cowling improved aerodynamics and coupled with the powerful engine, the bike was capable of 0-400m time of 13.3 seconds and a top speed of over 195km/h. This awesome performance, coupled with stable handling and solid reliability, makes the R90S a motorcycle masterpiece.

About the Model
Length: 354mm *Meticulously-detailed boxer engine with carburetor and cooling fins. *Curved semi-cowling showcases the handlebar area, which features detailed meters and rubber grips. *Wheels are secured via metal nut and shaft. *Realistic rubber tires feature tread pattern and sidewall maker and tire size markings. *Precision-made wheel spokes. *Suspension details include front double disc brakes and movable coil springs. *Crystal clear headlight lens parts. *Fully movable main stand, side stand, brake pedal, and kick starter pedal. *Main step and rear step also feature realistic rubber surface details. *Seat is made from special plastic material to recreate leather texture. *Comes with both Japanese and German license plates. *Brilliant clear red and orange parts for tail light and turn signals.