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TAMIYA 1/16 Radio Control Tank Series No.21

Take Control of Your Very Own Panther
The Panther Type G, arguably the best tank produced by any country during WWII, is now released as the latest addition to Tamiya's peerless 1/16 R/C Tank lineup! With an overall length of 572mm, this tank will definitely leave a big impression, both with its realistic looks and with its wide array of special operation features.

Not only can these operations be fully controlled, they are also accompanied by realistic sounds and vibrations. For example, when the main gun fires, muzzle flash and firing sound happen in conjunction, and both the gun barrel and tank body replicate recoil movements. This is the ultimate in realistic indulgence, and the set conveniently includes 4-channel transmitter, 7.2V battery, and battery charger as well (Japan market only). Add the separately available Battle System and you can even have mock battles with other similarly equipped Tamiya R/C tanks!

About the Panther Type G
Developed as a countermeasure to the Soviet T-34, the German Panther tank was produced from 1943 until the end of the war and served alongside the Panzer III, IV and Tiger tanks. The Panther tank featured sloped armor, powerful 700hp Maybach engine and a turret placed far back on the hull mounting a 75mm L/70 cannon. The main gun was even more devastating than its size of 75mm would suggest, due to the large propellant charge and long barrel with high muzzle velocity. Many consider the Panther every bit as effective as the Tiger I, but easier to produce and maintain. The Ausf.G included versions with heater unit installed over the left engine fan, and with curving lower "chin" piece removed from the mantlet to eliminate shot trap.

*Length: 572mm, Width: 207mm, Height: 188mm, Weight: 3740g
*Shaped aluminum 75mm gun barrel.
*Metal parts for lower hull, suspension arms, and torsion bars ensure high strength and durability.
*All actions accompanied by realistic sounds, especially the engine sounds, which were digitally recorded at the Saumur Tank Museum in France from a very rare working Maybach V12 tank engine.

Separately Required Items
*8 AA/R6/UM3 alkaline batteries for transmitter.

Movie of "German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanther Late Version R/C Tank" Windows media player