TAMIYA "Enzo Ferrari Yellow / Semi-Assembled Premium Model"

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1/12 Scale Collector's Club No.9

About the Enzo Ferrari
In September 2002, Ferrari officially introduced the Enzo Ferrari at the Paris Auto Show. The revolutionary all-carbon fiber body of this sports car, which has the same name as Ferrari's founder, uses design elements from Ferrari F1 cars such as an elongated nose sprouting vertical blades that integrate with large air intakes. Drive-by-wire electronic speed control is capable of shifting in 0.15 seconds.

The car features 6-liter V12 engine (called the type F140) capable of delivering over 650 horsepower, reaching 67kgm of torque, and propelling the car to speeds of over 350kph. The Enzo Ferrari was made with not only speed, but also with superior down force aerodynamics in mind, hence the addition of a retractable rear-wing that affords 775kg of down force at 300km. And as for speed control, this stable stallion is the first road car to be equipped with state-of-the-art carbon-ceramic brake discs. Deserving of the name of Ferrari's founder, and setting a new vision for the future is the Enzo Ferrari.

About the Model
*1/12 scale fully assembled premium display model of the Enzo Ferrari in a breathtaking yellow color.
*Multimedia model features die-cast metal engine, metal intake mesh, rubber tires, etc. for a replica-quality reproduction.
*Major sections broken down just like the actual car and can be easily assembled. Special wrench tool is included for installing wheels.
*Monocoque chassis reproduced as one piece.
*Die-cast metal suspension arms ensure long-lasting durability for the fully-moveable suspension.
*Doors, front hood, engine hood, and fuel cap all feature die-cast hinges and can be opened. Length: 392mm, Width: 173mm, Height: 95mm