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TAMIYA Military Miniature Collection No.26

The KV-1
Among the unpleasant surprises that awaited the German army as it invaded Russian in 1941 was the KV-1 heavy tank. When it entered service, it was perhaps the most formidable heavy tank in the world. Armed with a powerful 76.2mm gun and with armor thick enough to withstand attacks from nearly all anti-tank guns at the time, it could easily hold its own against the German army's tanks.

However, due to an underpowered engine, unreliable drivetrain, and slow speed, it could not effectively counter the fast-paced German advances, and the KV-1 eventually made way for more modern tank designs.

About the Model
  • Replica-quality 1/48 scale finished display model of the KV-1.
  • Early production KV-1 with welded turret accurately reproduced.
  • Professionally-applied washing technique with light weathering effects give the tank a realistic appearance.
  • Unique pad-printed markings distinguish this finished model from the assembly kit version.
  • Die-cast chassis provides added weight to match the tank's formidable presence.
  • Special numbered display base with nameplate is included.
  • Line it up with other 1/48MM Russian AFVs or display it with its former German adversaries.