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TAMIYA Military Miniature Collection No.27

About the KV-2
Weighing in at more than 50 tons, the monstrous KV-2 was designed to be an assault tank that would support advancing infantry. Housed in its massive turret was a 152mm main gun that could take out enemy defensive emplacements like bunkers. Its thick armor was also immune to attacks from most anti-tank guns of the period.

While the design looked formidable on paper, an underpowered engine, unreliable mechanics, and poor mobility limited its effectiveness in battle. Nonetheless, it played a role in the defense of Russia during the initial stages of war on the Eastern Front, and helped hold the line until more modern tanks could be developed.

About the Model
  • Replica-quality 1/48 scale finished display model of the KV-2.
  • Intimidating form of the heavy tank, including the massive turret, is accurately reproduced.
  • Professionally-applied washing technique with light weathering effects give the tank a realistic appearance.
  • Unique pad-printed markings distinguish this finished model from the assembly kit version.
  • Die-cast chassis provides added weight to match the tank?s formidable presence.
  • Special numbered display base with nameplate is included.
  • Line it up with other 1/48MM Russian AFVs or display it with its former German adversaries.