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TAMIYA - Sports Car Series No.178

About the Kure Nismo GT-R
The Japanese GT Car Championships were inaugurated in 1993, and are becoming more popular with motorsports buffs throughout Japan. In addition to the highly modified Japanese cars, the super cars of Europe, vie for the title.
The NISMO GT-R, developed from Nissan's Skyline, has been one of the principal contenders in the JGTC since its inauguration. Packed into the GT-R look alike body shell was Nissan's latest racing technology. Its 2568cc in-line six cylinder engine, with twin turbochargers produce and awesome 450 horsepower. The X-Trac developed sequential 6-speed gearbox efficiently transmitted this engine's awesome power to the rear wheels. The four wheel double wishbone suspension system has almost the same construction as Nissan's highly competitive Gr.C machines raced during the 1980's. Front and rear 18 inch wheels are fitted with wide racing slicks. The body shell was extensively modified to obtain even better aerodynamics. Additional air intakes and outlets, oversized fenders and a huge rear spoiler, gave its massive silhouette an even more aggressive appearance.

During the 1996 season, one GT-R competed the JGTC under the sponsorship of Kure, a Japanese manufacturer of car maintenance products. Painted in a distinctive, overall black color scheme, the Kure NISMO GT-R fully displayed its outstanding performance to the Japanese motorsports fans throughout the season.