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Shining on the World Stage
The race-spec TRF501X high-end off-road buggy has been further improved with the addition of a ton of option parts. Enhancements such as aluminum caster block, aluminum rear uprights, and reinforced upper arm mounts have been added to enable the suspension to withstand even more punishing terrain as well as increase settings options. Specially-developed front and rear ball differentials help provide smooth and efficient power transmission. Ball connectors made from extra-durable steel have been utilized for the suspension to enable long-lasting sharp steering response as well.

*Length: 398mm (without body) *Width: 250mm *Wheelbase: 280mm *Tread: (Front) 213mm, (Rear) 203mm

Separately Required Items
*Motor *Tires *2-channel R/C system with ESC *Saddle-pack batteries *Battery charger