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TAMIYA Military Miniature Series No.300

Queen of the Desert
The Matilda was developed as a heavily armored infantry tank and was the British Army's main tank in North Africa during WWII. The Matilda swept aside Italian opponents and was respectfully called the gQueen of the Deserth by German forces.

During Operation Battleaxe to lift the siege of Tobruk in June 1941, German forces famously used their 88mm AA guns in the anti-tank role as they were the only effective counter against Matildas. The Matilda has written her name into the history books as a highly effective tank which continually proved her worth during many fierce battles throughout North Africa.

About the Model
*This is a 1/35 scale plastic assembly kit of the Matilda Mk.III/IV.
*Length: 174mm, Width: 72mm. The Matilda's form has been richly reproduced based on a detailed study of the actual tank.
*The turret, gun mantlet, and front hull feature a realistic cast metal texture.
*The mechanically complicated suspension also has a detailed finish.
*Belt and assembly type tracks included.
*3 types of North African markings included.
*1 full body commander, 2 torso (loader and driver) figures included.