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TAMIYA Masterwork Collection No.72

A Style of its Own
As desperation set in the German forces late in WWII, a call for new lightweight, inexpensive, using single jets, and of course easy to fly planes went out in September 1944. It took an amazing short period of time only 3 months from the very first designs to the first flight of the prototype Heinkel He162.

The lightweight fighter featured mainly wooden construction and was powered by a 800kg BMW003 turbojet engine, having a 838km/h top speed. Reaching combat units in late March 1945, the little fighter managed to record some combat successes despite the acute fuel and parts shortage.

About the Model
This is a 1/48 scale finished plastic model.
*Length: 205mm, Width: 149mm. You are able to enjoy the accurately reproduced Heinkel He162fs wonders such as the BMW003 turbojet engine, distinctive wings and tail, and ejection system.
*A combination of pad printing and decals are used for the markings of this prototype.
*Weathering paints add to the realism of this model.
*This is an essential edition to any collection as this plane was foundation of postwar aeronautical technology.