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TAMIYA Military Miniature Series No.303

Beast Killer
In the latter half of WWII, in order to counter German tanks, the Russian army used the JS-2 heavy tank's chassis to create the JSU-152 heavy self-propelled gun. It featured improved armor protection and a simple superstructure which housed a massive ML-20S 152mm howitzer.

They officially entered combat in the summer of 1944 during Operation Bagration, where Russian soldiers gave it the nickname Zveroboy (beast killer) due to its ability to destroy Tiger I and Panther tanks. The JSU-152 proved its effectiveness against both tanks and fortifications all the way to the Battle of Berlin and greatly contributed to the Russian victory.

About the Model
1/35 scale plastic assembly kit of the Russian JSU-152. Length: 258mm, Width: 92mm.
*The dynamic form of the tank along with its 152mm howitzer has been realistically reproduced.
*Mantlet and front hull feature realistic cast metal surface texture.
*Hatch can be assembled in either open or closed position. Loader's hatch is movable.
*Realistic separate type resin tracks and belt type tracks included.
*Photo-etched engine grilles enhance realism.
*4 types of markings included.