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TAMIYA Military Miniature Series No.307

Carius's Last Tiger
The German Jagdtiger was known as the strongest tank in WWII with its powerful firepower and impressive armor. They were issued to the 653rd and 512th Heavy Anti-Tank Battalions, with the latter unit noteworthy for its famous company commander Lt. Otto Carius, one of Germany's top tank aces with 150 Russian tanks destroyed. Carius commanded the Jagdtiger to great effect against Allied forces despite various disadvantages and continued to threaten Allied tanks until April 1945

*This is a 1/35 scale model of legendary German Tiger ace Otto Carius' Jagdtiger which appeared at the final stages of WWII. *Distinctive features of the mid production Jagdtiger such as its spare tracks, metal stoppers for the side skirts, road wheels, etc have all been thoroughly reproduced. *The kit comes with a total of three figures which includes Lieutenant Otto Carius, as well as a DKW motorcycle, and five kinds of decals centering on Jagdtiger from the 512th Heavy Panzer Battalion.