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TAMIYA Military Miniature Series No.309

The Russian Fast Tank
The BT-7 was a Russian tank produced from 1935 which incorporated some design features from tanks developed by American engineer Walter Christie. gBTh stood for gBystrokhodny Tank (Fast Tank)h and the tank featured an excellent maneuverability. Equipped with a 47mm main gun, it was one of the better-armed tanks of that period and it also had sloped frontal armor, a feature that would make its way into later tanks such as the T-34. BT-7s were first deployed during the Spanish Civil War and also took part in battles against German forces on the Eastern Front until enough T-34s became available to replace them.
About the Model
1/35 scale plastic assembly kit model of the Russian BT-7. Length: 161mm, Width: 65mm.
*The unique wedge-shaped frontal area and large road wheels have been accurately reproduced.
*Hull side features the same double-wall structure as the actual tank.
*Mechanically complicated suspension features superb details as well as ease of assembly.
*Assembly type tracks included.
*5 types of markings also included.