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HASEGAWA 1/16 Scale "SOPWITH CAMEL F.1" Museum Model Series

Camel was a representative air-cooled engine fighter of the UK in World War I, boasting outstanding turning performance, speed and rising power.
It is said that the number of manufacturing machines including each mold is 5490 aircraft.
Development was carried out by Sopwith Aviation, and in 1917 the F.1 type was born with the Klezer 9 B 130 horsepower engine.
The main body of the aircraft is a wing framework with a wing cloth. Around the engine, skeleton of the tail fin and rudder, leg support is a metal material. Around the cockpit was plywood.

About the kit
*Kit reproduces this machine as a structural model other than wing cloth.
*6 color parts color. Brown 2 types, ivory, dark gray, clear, silver plated parts
*Various materials such as rubber tires, stretch wires, metal wires, etc. are used.
*It is an atmosphere finish without painting.
*Like the actual aircraft, the control stick and the foot pedal are linked with each moving wing part. (Fixed state can also be selected)

Manufacturer: HASEGAWA
Scale: 1/16
Package size:
Length: 385.5mm
Width: 536mm