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TAMIYA 1/48 Aircraft Series No.79

About the Fairey Swordfish Mk. I
On Nov. 11, 1940, Fairey Swordfish Mk. I torpedo-bombers made a surprise attack that delivered a crippling blow to the Italian Fleet at Taranto Port. The Swordfish later contributed in missions such as the sinking of the German battleship Bismark, becoming the British Royal Navy's main torpedo-bomber during World War II.

The plane's fuselage and two-level main wings consist of a steel pipe frame covered in tightly stretched cloth. The Swordfish, with its fixed landing gear, was only able to obtain maximum speeds of 220 km/h. However, owing to its superb maneuverability and heavy pay load, the Swordfish continued to fly on the front lines until the end of the war.

Presenting the Swordfish Clear Edition
The clear edition of the Fairey Swordfish Mk. I model is a faithful reproduction of the well-received original edition, with its "classic" two-level main wing and fixed landing gear. Sticking with the same intricate detail of the original, the clear edition also depicts the tightly stretched cloth surface true to the actual plane. The clear edition also features newly done box art portraying the illustrious British Royal Navy torpedo-bomber in flight. The assembly kit of the clear edition includes colored parts from the previous version coupled with brand new transparent parts. Now you can enjoy looking at internal parts, such as the plane engine, after model assembly. The package even includes transparent decals to go along with the transparent parts. You now have the option of either using colored parts included in the package (same as previous edition) and painting over the plane in camouflage, or you can use clear parts and enjoy looking at the plane's internal mechanisms. This clear edition of the Swordfish expands the horizons of modeling to a whole new level.

Model Specifications
*Tamiya is proud to bring back the torpedo-bomber revered by the pilots of the Royal Navy, the Fairey Swordfish Mk. I
*Fuselage Length: 230.5mm, Wing Span: 289mm
*Main wing can be modeled in the folded position. The cross section of the wings are also authentically recreated.
*Model presented in profound detail, right down to the ribs protruding through the cloth of the wings and fuselage. Even the rivets on the metal cowling around the nose have been reproduced just as they appear on the original.
*The reproduction of the air-cooled Bristol Pegasus 3M radial engine abounds in detail.
*The authentic cockpit reproduction also includes a three-figure crew set.
*Armed to the teeth, the Swordfish's payload includes a 730kg torpedo, 250 pound bombs, rockets and flares.
*Markings for three flight squadrons of the Royal Navy have also been included as decals. Also transparent decals have been added for application on clear parts.