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TAMIYA Masterwork Collection No.3

About the German Tiger I Early Production Version
With 100mm thick armor and an 88mm gun, the Tiger I was the ultimate tank of its time. From initial production to the modified latter production, over 1300 Tiger I Heavy Tanks were produced in all. The approx. 200 Tiger I tanks produced between November 1942 and June of the following year were known as the Early Production Version.
Large cylinder shaped cupola, smoke discharger, and pistol ports on turret, along with the air cleaner in the rear, gave the Early Production Tiger I Heavy Tanks a truly formidable style. Deployed to the North African, Russian, and Italian fronts, The Tiger I asserted its dominance over a wide area.

The Masterwork Collection model of the German Tiger I Early Production features German gray coloring with markings of the 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion, 3rd Company. Commander's and Loader's hatches can be assembled in the opened or closed position.