TAMIYA "Honda Pons RC211V '03 Biaggi"

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Finished Model / Masterwork Collection No.17

About the Honda Pons RC211V '03 Biaggi
Following earlier releases of the 2002 Repsol Honda and 2003 Telefonica Movistar RC211V, our next motorcycle release in the Masterwork Collection is a Honda Pons double release. Both Biaggi and Ukawa's 2003 RC211V bikes will come fully assembled and pre-marked, finished in Masterwork Collection quality.

About Max Biaggi and the 2003 RC211V
One of the most famous teams in MotoGP racing today, the Honda Pons team underwent big changes in 2003 with new sponsorship from tobacco giant Camel and two new riders, Max Biaggi and Tohru Ukawa. Max Biaggi finshed 3rd overall in the Riders Championship in 2003 with 9 top-3 finishes, including victories in Great Britain and Motegi, Japan. Like other Honda Teams, Honda Pons used the RC211V, featuring revolutionary technology such as the powerful V5 4-stroke engine and Hondafs unique unit pro-link suspension. A distinctive feature of Biaggifs bike was the specially altered tank cover and seat cowling which was redesigned to match his small physique. Still riding with Honda Pons in 2004, Biaggi currently sits equal 2nd on the points table.

About the Model
*A beautifully finished 1/12 scale fully assembled model of the RC211V which took Max Biaggi to 3rd place in the 2003 Riders Championship.
*Accurately reproduced revolutionaly V5 engine and unique unit pro-link suspension.
*Specially altered tank cover and seat cowling redesigned to match the small physique of the Honda Pons riders has also been accurately reproduced.
*Wheels made using die-cast parts, creating a realistic sense of weight and power.
*Overall length: 168mm