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TAMIYA Masterwork Collection No.9

Tamiya presents the Japanese Battleship Yamato as the second 1/350 scale battleship released in the Masterwork Collection Series. This fully completed model features metal and photo etched parts and intricate detailing only attainable by Tamiyafs master craftsmen. A must have for any WWII or battleship fan.

About the Battleship Yamato
Commissioned in December 1941, Yamato weighed an estimated 72,800 tons at full load and measured 256m long at waterline, making it the largest battleship ever built. Her nine 460mm main battery guns were the largest guns to ever go to sea. Armament when first commissioned also included 12 x 155mm guns, 12 x 12.7mm guns, 24 x 25mm anti-aircraft guns and 8 x 13mm anti-aircraft guns. She was protected by an impressive set of armor including 600mm armor on turret fronts, 499mm side armor and 198mm armored deck. The Yamato participated in the Battle of the Philippines and the battle of Leyte Gulf and Samar Gulf. Her final mission was a suicide mission to protect Okinawa from the advancing U.S. navy. With just enough fuel to reach Okinawa, her goal was simple, fight until she was destroyed. On April 7, the Yamato was spotted making her way to Okinawa and the U.S. navy launched around 400 aircraft to intercept. After taking up to 20 bomb and torpedo hits the Yamato explodes and sinks at 1420 hours, taking with her some 2,400 sailors.

About the model
  • Features all the intricate details of the original kit.
  • Model presents the Yamato before her final battle.
  • Metal anchor chain and photo etched parts for railings, ladders, radar, catapult and crane.
  • Main battery guns have been hollowed out using a lathe.
  • Comes with a beautifully finished wooden display base.