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TAMIYA Sports Car Series No.46

About the Lotus Super 7 Series II
The Lotus Seven grew out of Mr. Colin Chapman's sporting interest in the Austin Sevens, and was a direct development of the Lotus MK. VI. The early layout had simple body panels attached to a sturdy space frame, motorcycle type fenders and little protection from inclement weather. England, during the late 1950's, required a heavy purchase tax on all new cars.
A factory built Seven would cost 1,036 lbs. ($2900.00) of which 346lbs (968.00) was tax. Chapman decided to take advantage of the tax rule and offer a comprehensive kit which could be assembled in a short time without any special tools. This meant that a sports car enthusiast could obtain a very high performance vehicle for a cost of only 526lbs ($1472.00). It is a real credit to the designers that after a period of 25 years, the car is still available in kit form, and is still being built, driven, and cherished by sports car enthusiasts around the world. The Lotus Super Seven is powered by a Ford Cosworth 4 cylinder 1.3 liter engine using two dual throated Weber carburetors, which produces 83 BHP at 6,000 RPM. This engine transmits its power through a four speed gearbox providing a top speed, at 6,000 RPM, of a little more than 160kMh. Front suspension is an independent wishbone using helical coils and anti roll bar. Steering is a very tight rack and pinion system that is quite responsive. Brakes are of the drum type, simple, positive and effective. Rear wheels are mounted on a rigid axle and damped by large coil springs.

The Lotus Super Seven is a true sports car with few creature comforts. If you are looking for a smooth ride in luxurious comfort the Lotus Seven is not for you. If you are looking for phenomenal performance, economical operation and pure fun, then this car will do that, and more. Used by car clubs for racing events, it has won more than its share of honors, and will go on to win even more. Light in weight and with more than enough power, plus the superb road handling it is by far the finest kit form automobile you could obtain.