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TAMIYA Sports Car Series No.212

About the Lotus Europa Special
In 1966, Lotus announced the sports car, the Lotus Europa. Its most distinctive features include an unbelievably low body and a mid-ship mounted engine, which at that time were found only on racing cars. This setup enables superb balance and when paired with the lightweight FRP chassis, the Europa shows top-class cornering.

High power engines were added and various refinements were made to its successors, including the final version to be produced, the Special, released in 1972. The Special is equipped with a "big valve" 126hp 1558cc four cylinder DOHC engine and a body finished in the pinstripe colors distinct to Lotus' F1 race car at that time, the JPS.

About the model
*This is the 1/24 scale model assembly kit based on the Lotus Europa Special, released in 1972.
*Its sharp design and low body have been authentically captured in 1/24 scale.
*With the removal of the hood, the engine can be viewed even after completion.
*The Y-shaped backbone frame is molded together with rear radius arms as one-piece. The front double wishbone suspension, stabilizer, rear upright, and engine are all assembled to this frame. Constructed just like the real car, the floor part is directly attached to the built up frame, and the body is mounted on top.
*The engine features the realistic recreation of the cam cover, unique to the "big valve" system, as well as a twin carburetor, 5-speed transmission, and shift linkage in the rear.
*The tight cockpit sports a 6-meter instrument panel set in one neat row, high backed seats, 3-spoke steering wheel, and short knob gear shift.
*Starting with the Lotus logo at the end of the hood, all the emblems, key holes and mirror faces have been richly recreated as metal transfers.
*The body pinstripes have also been included as decals.