HASEGAWA "Fokker Dr.I"

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HASEGAWA 1/8 Scale "Fokker Dr.I" Museum Model Series

About the Fokker Dr.I
The Fokker Dr.I is one of the most famous fighters as well as the Sopwith Camal or the S.E. 5a in the First World War. The Dr.I is especially famous as the aircraft flown by Manfred von Richthofen nicknamed "Red Baron", who was killed after he recorded 80 kills which was the top record in the world War I. Red Baron will be remained forever as a great hero in the history of World's air combat.

About the model
This series of models is actually found displayed in museums throughout the world. All the airframe structures, the control systems and the engine are exactly re-produced according to the authentic information of the actual aircraft. We believe you will learn the splendid mechanism of this famous W.W.I fighter. Only the finest components of Japanese Cypress woods, soft metals, brass and plastics are used. These are time consuming model kits, which offer the upmost satisfaction in modeling, and something to be treasured, when completed.

This kit is for a static display only. The built up model can be displayed in on-ground or in flying condition hanging from the ceiling. The kit finishes in the skeleton model. ( Fabric for wing and rear fuselage is not contained in this kit. )

*The structure of a real machine was reproduced by total 857 parts by using all materials such as a tree, a soft metal, brass, plastic, and mules.
*It is a content that can enjoy the gimmick that it synchronizes with the control stick and the foot pedal and a supplementary wing, the going up and down rudder, and the vertical rudder move to say nothing of the reproduction of externals.
*A special technique can not be used and everyone unite up it though it takes time for assembly because there are a lot of numbers of parts by a kind, polite assembly manual.

*197 plywood parts, 1 propeller, 70 Japanese cypress materials, 85 soft metal parts, 43 brass parts, 14 aluminum parts, plastic 275 parts, 48 pieces tooling concerned, 2 rubber tires, and a lot of other parts.

Manufacturer: HASEGAWA
Scale: 1/8
Package size: 810x345x125mm
Length: 722mm
Width: 838mm
Height: 358mm