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1/20 Scale Grand Prix Collection No.25

About the Williams FW-13B Renault
Drastic regulation changes for F-1 events, took effect starting the 1989 Formula-One racing season. One regulation banned turbo-charge engines, limiting cars to normally aspirated powerplants with a maximum displacement of 3.5 liters. To comply with the new regulations, the renowed Williams racing team, together with Renault, created the FW12C racing car for the '89 season, using Renault's V-10 cylinder type RS1 powerplant. Later that year the team introduced an improved FW13 racer, which placed 2nd in the constructor's title competition.

This potent machine was further advanced for the 1990 season, by incorporating a new and compact Renault RS2 V-10 engine, and re-designated the FW13B. Chief designer Patrick Head cleverly shaped this racing machine to penetrate the wind with ease. The gear box is transverse mounted, allowing the rear under-wing to provide a more effective downforce. The full vertically mounted front suspension spring/dampers form a unique front nose silhouette, and the tall and wide air intake pod located on the rear cowling provides excellent air flow. Over the years Williams have always sought to achieve competitive excellence, and combined with the highly reputed driving skills of Patrese and Boutsen, the team has achieved some success during the 1990 season.