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TAMIYA Military Miniature Collection No.1

Massive Detail, Compact Size
Equipped with an awesome 56 caliber 88mm main gun, 100mm thick armor at the front, 80mm armor on the sides, and a 650hp Maybach engine, the Tiger I featured never-seen before power and dominance. Able to take out a Soviet T34 or U.S. M4 Sherman in one shot, the brutality of the Tiger I was greatly feared by the Allied forces.

Henschel produced over 1,300 Tiger I heavy tanks during WWII, ranging from initial production to modified late production models. The approximately 200 models produced from November 1942 to June 1943 are characterized as early production, possessing distinctive features like large cylinder shaped cupola with smoke discharger and pistol ports on the turret. The Tiger I first saw action against the Soviets near Leningrad, and went on to serve on the Eastern, Western, Italian and African fronts.

About the Model
Fully assembled 1/48 scale Tiger I, professionally painted with all markings pre-applied.
*Includes intricate detailing for high quality accurate model.
*All distinctive aspects of the early production Tiger I reproduced.
*Die-cast metal lower hull for extra weight and realism.
*Set includes display base with name plate.
*Markings depict tank No.213, sPzAbt 502 (Russia, Summer 1944).
*Overall length: 175mm