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TAMIYA Military Miniature Collection No.7

Winter Warrior
With its squat, low profile, fixed gun mount and short-barreled 75mm gun, Germany's versatile StuG III was designed to operate in close coordination with advancing infantry. The StuG III proved to be extremely effective as a support weapon during assaults. At the start of hostilities with Russia, the StuG III was deployed to the Eastern front, where it would further prove its worth in the harshest of battlefield conditions.

In addition to its role in providing support to infantry, the StuG III served as an anti-tank weapon against T34 and KV-I tanks. Impressed with the StuG III's performance, the Soviets designed similar vehicles in the SU-122 assault gun and SU-85 tank destoryer, which featured fixed turrets mounting large caliber guns.

About the Model
Fully finished 1/48 scale Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B with paint and markings pre-applied.
*All-new markings depict vehicle belonging to StG.Abt.202, Eastern Front, Winter 1942.
*Base German Grey color scheme, features white winter camouflage and ultra-realistic weathering effect.
*Includes special display base with nameplate and snow weathering effect.
*Features a die-cast lower hull for added weight and realism.
*Overall length: 115mm