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TAMIYA Military Miniature Vehicle Series No.38

About the Russian KV-2
Following the creation of the KV-1 heavy tank, the Soviets produced a variant model armed with a short-barreled 152mm howitzer mounted in an impressively large turret.
The so-called KV-2 heavy assault tank was developed as a more heavily armed tank, intended to target bunkers and other enemy strong points. The tank carried 36 High Explosive rounds for its main gun, and featured a machine gun for secondary armament. Like the KV-1, the KV-2 featured thick armor that rendered it immune to everything but artillery and aircraft fire, and was capable of posing a formidable threat to the invading Germans. However, it was also handicapped because of its heavy weight, which reduced speed and maneuverability and contributed to a higher number of breakdowns than the KV-1. 334 KV-2 units were built between November 1940 and November 1942, before production factories were captured or forced to relocate due to the German advance.

About the model
*Detailed 1/48 assembly model kit of the Russian KV-2 Heavy Tank.
*Includes diecast chassis for added weight and realism.
*Model accurately replicates 152mm howitzer and large size turret.
*Gun and turret can move, and hatches on top and rear of turret may be opened or closed.
*Assembly type tracks come with straight parts made of single pieces.
*Includes 3 types of turret slogan decals.