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1/12 Scale Motorcycle Series No.92

About the Repsol Honda RC211V
In the 2002 World Motorcycle Grand-Prix season bikes with 2-stroke 500cc engines raced alongside bikes with 4-stroke 990cc engines. The result of this new format was as everyone expected it to be, 4-stroke engine bikes like Repsol Honda RC211V dominated.
Its V5 engine, the first to ever be employed on a motorcycle , further enhanced the Repsol Honda RC211V. The fuel tank was placed below the seat, and the bike employed Honda's all-new "Unit Pro-Link" suspension design. Packed with revolutionary mechanics, and painted over in flourescent orange, the Repsol Honda RC211V was definitely the bike of the 21st century. From the opening race Valentino Rossi took a 9 consecutive victory sweep. Out of a 16 race series Rossi clutched his 10th victory by the 12th race in Brazil, leaving all competition in the dust, as the Italian rider became the first ever winner in the Moto GP class.

The revolutionary 4-stroke V5 engine
Every detail of the unique 4-stroke V5 engine with 3 cylinders to the front and 2 to the rear, including the 5 air fans and the injection system, has been accurately replicated. Model also brilliantly depicts the Honda RC211V's innovative exhaust pipe layout.

About the Model
Introducing a 1/12 scale model of the machine that took V. Rossi to champion status in the first ever MotoGP class. The 4-stroke, V5 engine that gave the bike a nearly 20kph advantage over 2-stroke engine bikes on straight-aways has been replicated to perfection. Model brilliantly depicts the Honda RC211V's innovative exhaust pipe layout. Upper and seat cowling, and duct cover areas can be affixed/detached via tiny, precision-made screws. Frame and Unit Pro-Link suspension are reproduced with metal-plated parts. Decals for Repsol logo, and replication of V. Rossi's (#46) and Ukawa's (#11) machines are included in kit.

  • 1/12 scale model
  • Overall length: 172mm
  • Overall width: 56mm
  • The two-stroke, V5 engine has been replicated to perfection.
  • Every characteristic of the actual Honda RC211V such as the fuel tank placed under a protective cowling and the innovative exhaust pipe layout has been accurately replicated.
  • Engine and suspension assembly on frame imitates that of the actual motorcycle.
  • Upper and seat cowling, and duct cover areas can be affixed/or detached via tiny, precision-made screws even after completion.
  • Frame and swing arms are reproduced with high quality metal plated parts.
  • Decals for Valentino Rossi's number 46 motorcycle and Tohru Ukawa's number 11 machine are included.