"Fukuyama Castle" Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Woody JOE

WJCM-26 / Level 4
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1/150 Scale"Himeji Castle" Wooden Japanese Castle Model,
by Woody JOE

About Fukuyama Castle
Fukuyama Castle is a huge mountain castle built in 1622 by Katsunari Mizuno, the first lord of the Fukuyama domain.
The castle tower is a six-story tower. The exterior is decorated in a variety of styles, with no emphasis on actual combat, and the building is known for its elegance, making it the last masterpiece of Edo period architecture. The walls and windows on the north side of the castle tower are made entirely of iron plates, the only one in Japan. The rain cover, which is said to have been added around the middle of the Edo period, is also one of the features of Fukuyama Castle. The castle tower was burnt down in the Fukuyama Air Raid in 1945, and the current castle tower was rebuilt after the war. Renovations from 2020 to 2024 recreated the building's appearance before the fire, including the iron cladding on the north side and the shape of the windows on the top floor.
About the kit
This is a 1/150 scale reproduction of the exterior shape based on the drawings of the Fukuyama Castle castle tower before the fire. The iron plating on the north wall is precisely expressed using photo-etched parts. The shape of the windows on the top floor has been reproduced.
1/150 Fukuyama Castle
Completed size Overall width: 280mm Depth: 280mm Overall height: 268mm
Production reference time: 80 hours
Difficulty level 4
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