"Inuyama Castle" Japanese Castle Model

Woody JOE
WJCM-17 / Level 2
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1/150 Scale "Inuyama Castle" Wooden Japanese Castle Model, by Woody JOE

This product was improved in February 2018.

Inuyama castle national treasure called Japan's oldest castle tower. In 1537 it was built by warrior Oda Nobunaga, and you can see the beautiful appearance now.

Characteristics of laser processing kit
Laked parts are used for Shiraki building model. In addition to its sophistication, the work emphasizes the shadow by the effect of laser processing, and it is finished in a work with depth

About the Model
The trees in the completed photograph are sold separately. It is not included in the kit.

About the Model
*wooden parts: 49 kinds
*metallic parts: 1 kinds
*other parts: 5 kinds
*The production reference time: For about 30 hours

Manufacturer: Woody JOE
Scale: 1/150
Package size:
Width: 280mm
Height: 230mm
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